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Where is my package?

We send a DHL tracking link with every order! Please check your spam folder if you cannot find the link directly. If there is no link, please write to us using our contact form and we will send out a new link. 

How does RECCO technology work?
RECCO technology is a reliable rescue system that consists of two components: the active RECCO detector and the passive RECCO reflector. In the event of a search for missing or buried persons, the detector sends out a targeted search signal, which is reflected by a reflector and sent back to the detector. This allows rescue teams to quickly and precisely locate the exact location of the missing person. With the RECCO rescue system you can take part in outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, hiking or climbing without any worries and rely on quick help in an emergency. Find out more about the innovative RECCO technology and how it can help you travel safely and securely in nature.
Where is the RECCO system used?
The RECCO system is used in more than 900 ski resorts and mountain rescue organizations in 32 countries worldwide. It serves as a standard rescue device for professional rescuers, mountain rescue services and ski patrols.
What is the difference between the RECCO reflector and the RECCO detector?

The RECCO detector is a search device that is used by rescue services and helicopters in avalanche burials or missing person searches. It sends out a search signal that is reflected by the passive RECCO reflector to enable precise location of buried or missing people.

The RECCO reflectors are small, electronic components that can be integrated into clothing or actively attached to clothing. They do not require a battery and require no maintenance or handling.

Is there a difference between the RECCO handheld detector and the RECCO SAR helicopter detector?

You will find two different detectors at RECCO: The RECCO handheld detector and the RECCO SAR helicopter detector. Both devices are based on the same technology, the RECCO system.

The RECCO hand-held detector R9 weighs only one kilogram and is used by rescue workers to locate buried people and missing people. The RECCO SAR helicopter detector is used to quickly locate missing people in the wild and in a large area of terrain, provided they are equipped with a RECCO reflector. The detector can scan a square kilometer in six minutes and covers corridors one hundred meters wide. With RECCO you are well prepared for emergencies and can enjoy your outdoor adventures without worry.

How and where are retrofittable reflectors attached to clothing or equipment?

How to retrofit your equipment with RECCO reflectors:

The retrofittable reflectors can be attached to clothing or equipment according to the application instructions on the packaging to ensure optimal functionality.

The backpack reflector was developed for year-round use and is attached to a backpack or avalanche airbag and should be secured with a leg loop to avoid getting lost in an avalanche. The helmet reflector is best attached to the upper area of the helmet.

For maximum flexibility in different sports, we recommend using multiple reflectors or a RECCO belt with two integrated reflectors, which is suitable for all sports.


Notice: Please note that simply putting it in a pocket or sewing it onto clothing may affect functionality.

Where can I buy reflectors?

The RECCO reflectors are available online. You can purchase them on our online shop.

Can the reflector interfere with other electronic devices and impair their functionality?

The RECCO reflector does not interfere in any way or affect the operation of other electronic devices such as avalanche transceivers, pacemakers, etc.

The RECCO reflector is a passive device and works without a battery. The reflector sends back the signal sent by a RECCO detector during the search. The RECCO reflector has no transmitting function and cannot interfere with or affect signals from other devices.


Are the reflectors aging or is their function impaired?

The RECCO reflectors do not age and have an unlimited lifespan when used as intended. There is no wear or tear on the reflectors unless they are mechanically damaged. This also does not affect the function of the reflector.

Do reflectors need a battery?

The RECCO reflector is a passive device and does not require a battery, activation or maintenance. Unlike active emergency transmitters, the reflector does not place any additional strain on the battery of avalanche transceivers or cell phones and can therefore remain active over a longer period of time if necessary.

Do you have to have the reflectors registered?

Registration of the RECCO reflectors is not required. However, it is always beneficial to inform your family and friends about what equipment you are carrying and that you can be tracked using RECCO reflectors. This information can be very important in a missing person search and depending on this, the RECCO search is prioritized in the rescue chain.

Does RECCO technology also work in the city?
RECCO technology is not suitable for searching in urban environments as there may be difficulties due to possible interference signals. However, the system is used in more than 900 ski resorts and mountain rescue organizations in 32 countries worldwide and is used as standard rescue equipment by professional rescuers, mountain rescue services and ski patrols. RECCO reflectors should always be worn during outdoor activities in nature as they are extremely effective in these environments.
Does the RECCO rescue reflector replace an avalanche transceiver?

The RECCO rescue reflector is an important additional safety factor and cannot replace an avalanche transceiver. It is recommended to be equipped with a RECCO reflector as well as an avalanche transceiver, a shovel and a probe. The RECCO reflector can only be located by mountain rescue and serves as a backup in the event that the LVS search is unsuccessful. Alpine organizations recommend wearing RECCO reflectors when skiing or outdoor activities.

Is it recommended to wear more than one reflector?

Wearing multiple RECCO reflectors increases your chances of being found more quickly, especially if you are in a situation where quick help is needed, such as: B. in the event of an avalanche burial. We recommend wearing at least one reflector on your ski jacket or pants and attaching another to your backpack or helmet. This allows emergency services to start the search from different angles.

Can I wash clothes with integrated reflectors?

Yes, items of clothing with integrated reflectors can be washed. We recommend that you follow the washing and drying instructions on the inside of your clothing.

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